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Award-winning construction professional, Adrian Russell, is a passionate community advocate who is driven to inspire others and create change in construction. He uses his charisma, creativity and self motivation to power his businesses (shown below) and etch his name in the history of the industry. 

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Russell's Building Camp provides youth of every age with life-changing experiences through learning to use their hands and minds to create and build! Builders are taught to utilize these skills and give back to the community while they forge new paths for their future. 

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Flip captures the creativity of home improvement and pushes the limits of renovation and construction. Alongside leaders in the industry, Flip turns the world of renovation on it's head (get it, it flips it) through anything from residential or commercial transformation to a simple home improvement project. 

Adrian Russell's mission is to revolutionize the construction industry through DEI, mentoring and recruitment. With over a decade of experience, audience members can hear about overcoming challenges as a minority in construction, the opportunities found in the industry, and the benefits of developing pipelines. Above all things, his goal is to motivate others to rise above whatever obstacles they face and attack their pursuit of greatness!

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